Softube and Marshall join forces with the JDM:1

With the JMD:1 amplifier a new era in guitar amplification has begun. Marshall’s analog excellence is combined with Softube’s patented simulation technology to make rock ‘n’ roll’s most comprehensive and sophisticated amplifier, while still staying true to the Marshall tone and heritage.

The JMD:1 is a guitar amplifier with both hardware and software jointly developed by Softube and Marshall. With a state-of-the-art digital pre-amp and a 50W or 100W valve power amp, the JMD:1 marks a new era in guitar amplification.


Jim Marshall himself states – “The JMD:1 is the result of a unique collaboration with our friends at Softube, leading to a true digital pre-amp, integrated into a product that I am proud to see the Marshall name on.”

Softube’s CEO Oscar Öberg comments – “Years of development has gone into creating the JMD:1 to make sure our part lives up to the expectations of a Marshall amplifier. We are extrememly proud to finally see it released and we’re excited and humbled by the fact that Softube now is a part of Rock ‘n’ Roll history!” 


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