V-Plugs releases Echo Trip

V-Plugs is proud to announce the release of Echo Trip – a new flexible echo plug-in that offers an accurate emulation of various classic echo units, along with countless modern unusual echo effects. Echo Trip uses advanced physical modeling techniques in order to reproduce the sonic qualities and artifacts generated by tapes, tubes, and mechanics. Among the classic echo units that were investigated during the development process you can find Space Echo, Echoplex, Oil Can, Memory Man and many others. Each nuance of these enchanting machines was carefully learned and implemented, and even the distinct noise that each unit produces was integrated within Echo Trip for an authentic analog sound and feel!


But Echo Trip can do much more then emulating vintage echo units. Offering three different timing modes, countless sound shaping tools and modulation paths, Echo Trip is capable of producing a wide variety of extreme echo sounds and effects. Unusual sound effects can be achieved by manipulate Echo Trip controls in real time using the integrated Midi learn function.

A unique feature of Echo Trip is the ability to control the timing and the sound of the echo separately. Taking advantage of this feature you can firstly set your echo timing, to get the exact echo repeat pattern that you are after. After the echo timing is set, you can select your echo sound by choosing and tweaking one of the 50 pre-programmed color presets, or by building your own new echo color from scratch. Each of these separate sections has its own preset manager, where you can easily load and store echo rhythmic patterns and color presets.

Key Features:

 -Choose from 50 echo sounds
 -Accurate emulation of vintage classic echo units
 -Produces a wide variety of cutting-edge innovative effects
 -Independent control over the echo timing and echo sound
 -Set your echo groove by adjusting the shuffle and accent
 -Ultra mode for an easy creation of complex echo patterns
 -Countless sound shaping options and modulation paths
 -Reversed and slowed down delays
 -Echo ducking effect helps your echoes blend with your mix
 -Midi learn for manipulating parameters in real-time 
 -Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz

Echo Trip is now available as a VST plugin for Windows and costs €99.




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