Sugar Bytes Artillery 2.2 released

The leading VST/AU Action Effect Artillery is now available in version 2.2. The unbeatable original now comes with more refinements and a new MidiMessage modulator. Why use a finger when you can put a hand on it!

The Artillery concept is as simple as effective: Effects are assigned to keyzones and can be triggered with MIDI notes in an intuitive and extremely flexible way. This way you are able to perform hair-raising sequences, and playfully put the effects you want in the places you want, whenever you want.

Other Sugar Bytes news:

4 Thesys Tutorial videos now online!!
Sugar Bytes have been busy and are proud to present some Tutorials for their Midisequencer Plugin Thesys! Check out these films, here the tricks are explained that make your next track stand out in any way!

The Consequence month!
Consequence is just a musthave for every producer. 300 Instrument sounds and nearly 1000 presets with millions of combinations wait for you to be discovered. Download now for the insane price of just 99 Euro/129 USD.





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