Celemony announce Melodyne updates

Celemony Software GmbH is pleased to announce that Melodyne editor, the first product to offer the patented DNA Direct Note Access technology, will be updated to version 1.1 in April. The free update improves the sound quality, performance and reliability of the software, optimizes numerous functions, and fixes a number of bugs. At the same time as the Melodyne editor update, updates will be appearing for Melodyne assistant and Melodyne essential RTAS.

“Melodyne editor has got off to a good start: the power to edit individual notes within chords has been welcomed enthusiastically, and we have been receiving highly positive feedback from users and the press,” reports Product Manager Stefan Lindlahr, who is also responsible for quality assurance at Celemony. “But version 1.0 of any new product is going to have one or two rough edges and the occasional bug. We’ve looked into them, naturally, and are looking forward to making available shortly a version 1.1 featuring improvements in many areas.”

Optimizations to the substructure of the new versions reduce their RAM requirements and allow smoother and more reliable performance, whilst the user interface has been fine-tuned to make working with the software still more enjoyable. Clear improvements have been made above all to the processing of monophonic material. Thanks to the enhanced sound quality, Melodyne editor, Melodyne assistant and Melodyne essential RTAS in their versions 1.1 offer far and away the best-sounding vocal editing of all Melodyne editions and generations.

“So I’ve been using the new beta of Melodyne editor all day and it’s been working and sounding great. I didn’t realize that sound quality with monophonic material could still be improved that much by an update. Until now I thought a certain change of timbre was just part of the process. But the new version sounds amazing!” That’s the judgment of Andrew Scheps, Engineer/Mixer with e.g. Metallica, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Johnny Cash, as well as a member of the Celemony beta team.

Users of the now-discontinued Melodyne plugin will discover that the import function in Melodyne editor has been improved and now delivers more accurate results. When upgrading, the import function now provides for the flawless migration of Melodyne plugin projects to Melodyne editor. This allows users to benefit not only from the new DNA technology but also from enhanced sound quality when completing existing projects.

The updates to version 1.1 of Melodyne editor, Melodyne assistant and Melodyne essential RTAS will be available from the Celemony web site in April. Registered users of version 1.0 will be able to download them free of charge. Users will be informed of the update by e-mail.

For further information as well as films, images and text, visit: www.celemony.com

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