de la Mancha GTS, GTO, GTX and GTA updates

da la Mancha has announced the release of GTS plus updates for GTO, GTX and GTA (to rev. B). dlM has also announced the launch of a new Group Buy for these four plug-ins plus QB-3 in the Vintage Colour Bundle Group Buy.

GTS is a hybrid of GTO and GTX, offering both peak & RMS compression as well as an additional Mojo knob. It costs $41 as part of Vintage Colour bundle, although it’s currently available for $21 as part of the Group Buy (see below). GTA rev. B is now available exclusively as part of the Vintage Colour bundle.

GTS & GTA are currently only available in the Vintage colour bundle which is right now also available in a Group Buy offer GTA is a stripped-down, hot-rodded, limited edition version of GTO, with less features but more flavour. GTS is a souped-up, tricked out version that combines GTO and GTX plus adds a ‘MOJO’ control so you can add even more special sauce or back it off a bit too.




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