Introducing IRCAM Tools by Flux

Flux:: Sound and Picture Development in collaboration with IRCAM proudly presents the forthcoming IRCAM Tools product range. The IRCAM Tools products express the result of over twenty years of fundamental research within the realms of music related digital signal processing. First out, Flux present a series of products evolved from two major fields of technology, Acoustic & Cognitive Spaces, and Sound Analysis & Synthesis.

Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces
The research and development activity carried out by the Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces Team (formerly Room Acoustics Team) concentrates on the analysis, reproduction and synthesis of spatially considered sound environments.

In other words, the localization of sound in space, and the specific acoustical characteristics of a room or of an environment. The reproduction and synthesis of a sound environment depends on both techniques of signal processing, controlling the manner sound is diffusing from the speakers, and on physical/perceptive models of the spatial properties of the room’s sound sources.


  • SPAT Multi-format Room Acoustic Simulation & Localization Processor.
  • VERB Room Acoustic & Reverberation Processor.

Sound Analysis and Synthesis
The analysis of sounds includes methods enabling the permanent extraction or automatic structuring of diverse sorts of information given off by a signal, such as the fundamental frequency or the spectral evolution determining the pitch and timbre of a perceived sound.

Information outside what is strictly musical is also taken into consideration, notably concerning industrial acoustics, sound design and multimedia as well as the automatic indexing of recorded sounds. The methods used are based on signal processing, statistical analysis, information theory, machine learning and recognition techniques, but also on knowledge of auditory perception and acoustic system sound production.


  • TRAX Real-time Voice and Sonic Modeling Processor.
  • Cross Synthesis Spectral Envelope Morphing Processor.
  • Source Filter Enhanced Sound Filtering.

IRCAM Tools are estimated for release Q2-Q3 2010.




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