NI MASCHINE 1.5 update preview

The upcoming free MASCHINE 1.5 update will bring crucial enhancements to the innovative groove production studio. These include enhanced host integration, drag & drop MIDI and audio, new Vintage Sampling Modes (MPC60 / SP1200), MPC sample import, and many workflow improvements.

These new features are only included in the 1.5 public beta test version and are not yet officially released!

Studio Integration:
1) Drag and Drop of MIDI
2) Drag & Drop Audio
3) Export MIDI
4) Collate Audio
5) Macro Controls
6) Sounds to MIDI Notes

Classic Drum Maschine Features:
1) MPC Program Import
2) Vintage Sampling Engines
3) 16 Velocity Levels

Sampling Features:
1) Destructive Sample Editing
2) Zooming and Scrolling
3) Revised Slicing
4) REX file support

Workflow Improvements:
1) Hardware Control
2) Selection Features
3) Polyphony Options
4) Loading Groups Without Patterns
5) Customizable Defaults

Native Instruments videos explaining these improvements are here





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