SSL introduces Soundscape V6 DAW

Soundscape V6 is a highly evolved DAW application that benefits from nearly 20 years of development. It specialises in audio only recording, editing and mixing; it does not have MIDI sequencing or offer Virtual Instruments for creative composition, instead it offers a specialised, elegant, versatile, functionally advanced user environment with the capacity to support a wide range of approaches to workflow.

The V6 DAW software is intrinsically tied to the presence of an SSL MX4 PCIe card (or its predecessor the Mixpander); the DAW utilises the DSP power and extremely low latencies (4 samples) of the card and its high channel count fibre optic MADI I/O connectivity. The system employs SSL’s Soundscape Hybrid Core Audio and Processing engine which uses a combination of the MX4 DSP and the host computer CPU/RAM resources with drivers that are designed from the ground up to gain optimum performance from latest generation multi-core PC Processors and Windows 7 Operating Systems (32 Bit or 64 Bit).

Soundscape V6 Key Features

  • High channel count – up to 128 channels of simultaneous audio record/playback
  • Optimized for real time performance – near zero latency, sophisticated monitoring options
  • Total reliability – extremely robust system delivers industrial strength stability
  • Requires MX4 PCIe card – dual 64 channel MADI I/O, DSP, multi-core powered multi-client drivers
  • Sounds superb – benchmark SSL audio quality inside the box from recording to mixdown
  • Highly evolved User Interface – streamlined Audio Editing with many workflow options
  • SSL channel EQ, Dynamics and Bus Comp plug-ins – DSP powered legendary SSL sound inside the box
  • Supports standard native VST plug-ins running alongside our DSP powered plug-ins
  • The legacy collection of plug-ins from other manufacturers remain available for Soundscape from the SSL web shop
  • Soundscape Hybrid Core Audio Engine – 32/64 Bit driver powered Recording/Mixing Engine utilising MX4 card DSP’s and multi core host processing
  • Multi format projects – 16/24 Bit & different file formats on a single track without converting
  • Local or networked collaboration – multiple users connected via standard Gigabit Ethernet

Soundscape V6 is due for release in may 2010.

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