Synapse X-Poly VST/AU released

The X-Poly is a free upgrade to the Poly-850 for Windows and OS X. Apart from being a maintenance update to improve compatibility for the latest OS X and Windows editions and multiprocessor environments, it adds very useful new features.


  • Full Stereo engine
  • Panorama knob for both oscillators
  • Dual Voice switch for thicker patches
  • Enhanced interface
  • Release stages are now semi-log (sounds better)
  • Zero CPU usage when idle
  • Feedback/Modulation controls added to Chorus module
  • Maximum polyphony upgraded to 20 voices
  • Noise generator is now stereo
  • Value display for all knobs
  • Additional presets added
  • LFO Rate range extended
  • Amplitude responds to velocity
  • Bugfixes:

  • Multiple instances on multiple cores work now
  • Visual Glitches in the option menu fixed
  • Keyboard now responds when triggered via MIDI
  • The X-Poly is available to all registered users in the service area.





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