Waldorf working on PPG Version 3 VSTi

Walfrom Franke from Waldorf, and one of the driving forces behind this Wave Virtual Instrument, was on the Messe this year to introduce version 3.0. of the VSTi PPG Wave. This is the emulation of the PPG Hardware synth from the early 1980’s.

Version 3 adds extra features against the previous version 2. One of the important new features is that you can now load sampled sounds into the PPG and play them. You can now also load up to 6 FX per part. And Waldorf improved on the oscillators which now very closely emulate the original PPG oscillators.

The version presented at the Messe didn’t have many presets/patches yet as Wolfram literally finished programming on the prototype version just hours before the MusikMesse started. The PPG Wave can load .wav and .aiff files and Waldorf is thinking of adding the possibility to load .flac, .ogg and maybe even .mp3 files. But that isn’t decided yet. This version 3 is to be released in 8 weeks for approximately 150 Euro. Available versions will be VST and AU. Waldorf told us that it will run in ProTools but no RTAS version is planned.

More information on the original PPG Wave here…



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