de la Mancha releases Urban Decay distortion

de la Mancha announces the release of Urban Decay, a 3 band distortion plugin (VST, Windows) that brings 13 flavours of dirt, filth, noise and degradation for just $15.

Urban Decay has 7 different distortion types, each designed to bring a different way to dirty up your audio, and together form a powerful combination. 3 of the distortion methods also have 3 algorithms each, allowing more tweaking to get the filth quota just right

Want different amounts of distortion across the bass, mids and highs? No problem. You can adjust the wet/dry mix level and volume across 3 frequency bands to really get the sound you want. You can accurately adjust the split points of the 3 bands and there is zero-phasing and zero-crossover, due to using the inversion metho

More info, demo version, audio demos and purchase link can all be found on the product page.


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