SPL DrumXchanger coming soon now

Sales launch of the DrumXchanger is in three weeks but you can already try the public beta version now. The new Analog Code® software tool has an ace under the sleeve: it uses SPL’s proprietary Transient Designer technology for drum hit recognition. Hence, all drum hits, including the faintest ghost notes, are faithfully recognized regardless of their dynamic level!

Dual threshold technology
Common replacement techniques are based upon level-dependent sound recognition only, so they start to work from the threshold that was specified for a certain level. This is often getting problematic with quiet hits because the recognition rate is getting worse the lower the threshold is set.

With the DrumXchanger you can set two thresholds to refine the recognition dramatically: a threshold for transients and a threshold for levels. The DrumXchanger triggers a sample as soon as both thresholds are reached. Operation is extremely easy – and recognition is extremely safe.
Two Transient Designers inside
Transient Designer processing is not only going on under the hood: DrumXchanger includes two fully operational Transient Designer processing stages!

One Transient Designer comes along
The DrumXchanger package additionally includes one native version of the Transient Designer plug-in. For pure transient processing it can be convenient to save screen space – and of course it can always be applied additionally!

1GB sample library included
The DrumXchanger comes with high-quality 24 bit/96 kHz samples. Furthermore, the SPLX File Editor allows you to create your own multi samples and to import external samples as WAV files.

Special features:
    * Replaces samples phase-accurately
    * Ducking function
    * High and low pass filters
    * real-time pitch shifting +/- one octave
    * Delay control for precise placement
    * MIDI capabilities (in/out) in planning

Get the beta version of DrumXchanger at the SPL website…




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