SPL launches DrumXchanger Software

You guessed it: the DrumXchanger replaces drum sounds. What’s more surprising: based upon SPL’s proprietary Transient Designer technology, it can replace drum sounds irrespective of their level.

By inventing level-independent dynamic processing in the 1990’s, we provided the foundation for all transient processing tools. Now we have once again resorted to this proven and tested technology to develop our latest software tool. The DrumXchanger works level-independent and replaces samples phase-accurately in the original signal.

DrumXchanger uses the Transient Designer technology for drum hit recognition rather than sound creation. Hence, all drum hits, including the faintest ghost notes, are faithfully recognized regardless of their dynamic level. The samples can be mixed with the original sound and there is also a ducking function available, which only reduces the level of the original drum hit itself without affecting the ambience around it. The native DrumXchanger plug-in includes RTAS, VST and AU support for Mac and PC.

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Regular price 336 Euro, launch offer 249 Euro, upgrade launch offer 149 Euro. The upgrade launch offer applies to all owners of the Transient Designer plug-in, including the UAD version!

Owners of SPL Analog Code version can simply buy the upgrade. Owners of the UAD version can send an e-mail with a legible screenshot of their UAD account and the serial # of the UAD board.

All prices exclude taxes and are only valid during the launch period which ends May 20, 2010.
The DrumXchanger manual is still in progress and will be published in about two weeks. All owners and newsletter subscribers will be notified.




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