480 new presets with DCAM Synth Squad update

DCAM Synth Squad has been updated to v1.0.3.11. This is a recommended update for all users. To celebrate the release of DCAM: Synth Squad 1.0.3, which includes over 480 new presets, FXpansion thought they’d have some fun recreating some classic synth riffs. Can you spot them all?

– Windows unicode user accounts now authorize through License Manager again
– Synth preferences (e.g. oversampling) now flush back to the engine properly on project restore
– They’ve moved over to Intel’s supadupa compiler (this was the big delay since v1.0.1.2). Overall CPU load should be lower than before.
– Some oversampling bugs fixed
– User definable patch categories
– Fixes to the Collections patch management system

There are 480 new factory presets included. The installer is also supplied with FX License Manager v1.1.11. Note: If you downloaded the v1.0.3.11 public beta, you do NOT need to re-download this one. If you downloaded earlier public betas you should update to v1.0.3.11 now.





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