Bias releases SoundSoap 2.4. update

BIAS today announced that SoundSoap 2.4 – an important update of the world’s best selling audio noise reduction software plug-in and application for Mac and Windows – is now available. The update offers new localized tool tips, compatibility with the latest Pro Tools 8 software from Avid, and additional enhancements.

“One-click” Audio Cleaning for Speech, Music, and more
SoundSoap 2.4 provides high quality noise reduction while still being easy enough for average consumers to use effectively. The standard retail edition of SoundSoap 2.4 includes an audio plug-in for AU, RTAS/AS, and VST host applications on Mac and Windows plus a standalone application edition.

While competing solutions can tend toward complexity, SoundSoap 2.4’s strength is that it depends upon highly advanced digital signal processing to do the “heavy lifting”, without forcing users to confront a bevy of confusing controls. By clicking the Learn Noise button and adjusting just two knobs, even an audio novice can instantly remove most common problems such as hiss, fan noise from air conditioners, and other background noise. Noises such as clicks, crackles, hum, and rumble can also be easily removed with the click of a button and adjustment of a simple slider.

Whether used for cleaning up digitized audio from vinyl LPs or cassettes, reducing background noise from digital videos, or improving the sound of lectures, podcasts, and other recordings, SoundSoap 2.4 offers effective noise reduction easily and affordably. When compared to other low-cost solutions aimed at cleaning up music and speech, SoundSoap 2.4 delivers superior results as independent reviews and tests consistently demonstrate.

New Free 14-Day Trial
By popular demand, BIAS is now offering a free 14-day trial of SoundSoap 2.4 – including a new quick start demo movie – from the company website.

Pricing and Availability
SoundSoap 2.4 is available now for all registered users of SoundSoap 2 as a free download from the BIAS web site. New customers may purchase SoundSoap 2.4 from the worldwide network of BIAS resellers or directly from BIAS. The suggested retail price for SoundSoap 2.4 is $129 US (actual reseller price may be lower). BIAS is also offering SoundSoap SE (stand alone edition) at a special low price of just $49.95 for a limited time. For additional audio cleaning power, SoundSoap users may also cross-grade to SoundSoap Pro – contact BIAS for more information.





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