Modartt releases PIANOTEQ PLAY

Modartt releases PIANOTEQ PLAY, developed for musicians who want the convenience of a selection of beautiful instruments for an immediate playing session. PIANOTEQ PLAY is a virtual piano based on the powerful physically modelled Pianoteq software instrument, appraised by many musicians for its close intimacy and responsiveness.

With PIANOTEQ PLAY, all demanding musicians can now enjoy the power and beauty of the award winning physically modelled Pianoteq software, which interacts with the player with the same close intimacy as an acoustic piano.

Flexibility: PIANOTEQ PLAY users can at any time upgrade to any of the other Pianoteq products to gain further sophisticated features, such as to tweak the physical model or to position virtual microphones around the instrument. PIANOTEQ PLAY supports all Pianoteq add-ons, and if you upgrade to PIANOTEQ (standard) or PIANOTEQ PRO, the add-ons themselves upgrade automatically at no additional cost.

Focus On Your Playing with PIANOTEQ PLAY:
·Installs in a few minutes
·Easy to maintain and update
·Excellent for use on any modern laptop
·No need to tweak settings and parameters, PIANOTEQ PLAY is delivered with perfectly designed instruments.

PIANOTEQ PLAY in stores on June 1 — official price 99 €





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