SampleTank sounds from the Sonic Reality Vault

The Xpansion Tank 2 series from Sonic Reality is a collection of 30 high-quality sound libraries for SampleTank 2. Comprising of 15 multi-sampled and 15 loops titles, totaling nearly 10,000 new sounds offering a staggering 30 GB of samples.

They include the re-launched, now enhanced 7 classic Expansion Tank/Sonic Capsule titles with new additional material, plus the new release of 23 Sonic Reality titles with sounds from the past, present and future. They can be played by SampleTank 2 L/XL or by the new included SampleTank 2 XT* workstation plug-in/standalone player. It has never been easier to build your own custom sound workstation from the ground up than with SampleTank and Xpansion Tank 2 series.

Each collection contains between 500 megabytes to over 1 gigabyte of loops and samples and offers “production ready”, inspiring, high-quality sounds for making music in any style from Pop to Hip-Hop to Rock, Jazz, Country, Electronic, Film scores and more!

The multi-sampled titles offer almost 4,000 instruments sounds with a selection of Pianos, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Strings, Synths, Vintage Keyboards, Vocals, Electronic and World instruments taking full advantage of SampleTank 2 ‘s highly flexible and efficient sample engine, with high-quality integrated effects.

The 6,000 loops are provided as either construction kit “menu maps” for instant song building with drum grooves, bass lines, rhythm parts which are in sync across the keyboard or as individual loops broken down into “slice maps” that can be played in real time as well as by the associated MIDI file per loop in a sequencer for total flexibility in tempo and feel.

The Sonic Reality Vault is now open!




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