Free 5.5 update for Cubase and Cubase Studio available

Steinberg released the free 5.5 update for Cubase and Cubase Studio – with a feature set that speeds up workflow and boosts creativity! The brand-new version delivers performance, automation and video enhancements, as well as refined beat tools and workflow improvements in key areas.

Cubase 5.5 is more efficient thanks to its reworked audio engine that provides better low-latency performance on multiple core systems. The plug-ins REVerence* and LoopMash* now offer a better CPU efficiency and the VST Bridge technology not only works faster, but also features enhanced compatibility with the majority of bridged 32-bit VST2.4 plug-ins.

The 5.5 update also speeds up mixing and video editing. The automation panel has been redesigned and is now equipped with additional automation functionality, while the convenient Quick Control system has been expanded. Cubase 5.5 comes with a new Open GL accelerated video engine with full HD support* and scalable performance.

But that’s not all. Beat production is getting even better with Cubase 5.5. The Sample Editor has witnessed massive refinements when it comes to working with slices and AudioWarp editing. New functions have also been added to the beat specialists LoopMash and Groove Agent ONE, the latter featuring 19 brand-new and exclusive vintage drum kits.

There are further improvements such as the redesigned MediaBay, an overhauled scrubbing function and new channel batch export features. Please visit the Cubase 5.5 product page for detailed information on all new features.

The update is available as a free download for all registered customers of Cubase 5 and Cubase Studio 5.

Download Cubase 5.5 Update

Download Cubase Studio 5.5 Update

*Feature included in Cubase 5.5 only



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