Numark announces iCD DJ IN A BOX

iCD DJ IN A BOX’s mixer has all the essentials DJs expect: two input channels, main and headphone outputs, mic input and smooth faders. The included iM1 mixer records mixes straight to the iPod and accommodates all dockable iPod models allowing greater flexibility and convenience. Whether a DJ is an experienced veteran or just starting out, iCD DJ IN A BOX offers them a complete solution at an unbeatable price. 

“Many DJs need a complete package for getting started or as a secondary system, and iCD DJ IN A BOX was designed with that intention,” said Chris Roman, Product Manager, Numark.


  • DJ system with two CD players, headphones, microphone, and two-channel mixer with iPod dock
  • Play tracks from iPod and record your mix to iPod
  • Rugged tabletop CD players with large, performance jog wheels
  • Perform with CDs and CD-Rs
  • Anti-Shock™ buffered skip-protection technology
  • Seamless looping for creating and integrating loops
  • Single, continuous, and programmable playback
  • Compact, versatile mixer with two input channels, mic input, main and headphone outputs


  • 2 NDX200 CD players
  • iM1 mixer with iPod dock
  • HF125 headphones
  • 2 power cables
  • power supply
  • 2 audio cables (stereo RCA)

iCD DJ IN A BOX will be available from DJ and professional audio retailers in August 2010.





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