Way Out Ware teams up with Roger Linn

WayOutWare released a press statement that they have teamed up with none other then Roger Linn on the Adrenalinn Sync project.

Jim Heintz/WayOutWare:
“About 7 months ago, I got a phone call from none other than Roger Linn himself asking me if I wanted to collaborate on a product with him. Well, I thought about it for about … one second, and agreed to take on the project. Roger showed me version 1.0 of the AdrenaLinn Sync processor effect, and I could immediately see with our collaborative efforts, this could be a great product. What we have come up with is AdrenaLinn Sync v2(http://budurl.com/adren). It is a really cool effect processor that utilizes Way Out Ware’s acclaimed audio processing technology and marries it with Roger Linn Design’s meticulous attention to design and detail.”


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