HGFortune releases Avatar ST VSTi Synthesizer

Avatar ST is featuring a new generation of HG Fortune synths. Basically it is most suited for a large variety of pads, soundscapes, athmospheres or related FX sounds but can do other sounds like e.g. certain kinds of basses too. The 16 Step Modulator allows sounds to be fairly rhythmicated in various ways if wanted.

Also you can have one section stepmodulated while the other is not as there are two complete sections with oscillators, modifiers, VCA EG, Delay, Pan and Reverb send, plus a grain processor and a multimode filter to be inserted via different audio routings. In addition there are a lot of modulation options you might select from in order to taylor your sound. Twelve Tutorial patches have been created in order to help you exploring this synth – see also Appendix 4 of manual.

Main features (based on Pro version):
2 x 2 PCM wave oscillators with 384 waves in 3 banks
2 x Osc Mix section with one XY-Pad plus mix option for direct and step modulated out
2 x Mystify with three selctable types (Brite, Soft, Dark)
1 x Grain Processor
1 x Filter with 4 types (LP, HP, BP and Feedback) incl. 1 ADSR EG
2 x Delay, 2 x Pan
7 x LFO, 1 x S&H, 16 Step Modulator, Keytrack and Modwheel
1 semi parametric 3Band Stereo EQ, 1 small Reverb for adding some nice flavour
16 voices, 8 Lazy Buttons

Major differences between Basic Free and Pro version (for 39Euro):
Pro Version = 16 voices, 128 internal patches, 384 internal waves (3 banks),
Basic Free = 4 voices, 64 internal patches, 256 internal waves (banks #0 & #2), SF2 & wave loading only with Osc B2

N.B. 128 waves (internal bank #2) have been kindly contributed by www.westgatesounds.net




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