Loopseque simple app for creating music

Loopseque is an incredibly simple app for creating music. With Loopseque making music is like playing a game. Create beats, switch fast between patterns and arrange compositions. You can access your music instantly and everywhere.

– What is Loopseque?

Easy Music Sequencer
Music beats always go round and round. Loopseque shows you the essence of the process: you see a visual of the beat structure of your music presented as a non-stop circular motion.

Intuitive Interface
Your inspiration and intuition are enough to make music.

Game & Fun
Loopseque is just like a game. Feel free to play Loopseque by yourself or in a company.

Instant Music
Make music in Loopseque instantly here and now, at the first touch.

Key to the World of Music
With Loopseque, you create your track with ease as if you were making music all your life.

– Design

Round interface
Loopseque is a 32-step circle sequencer; it provides 4 channels with 9 wheels per channel; every Wheel containing 64 segments, each of which is divided into 4 circle.

Wheel Matrix
A unique interface allows you to switch between musical patterns instantly and create your track on the fly.

Great many various sounds
Specially for Loopseque, Casual Underground Lab created a plethora of inspiring sound sets: house, hip-hop, breaks and many other styles.

– Looping Places

At Home
Have fun with Loopseque at home: on your own, together with someone or even with the whole family.

At a Party
Loopseque is the hero of the party. It’s fun in any setting. Amuse your friends, make music together.

On a Trip
You can express yourself in music wherever you are: on board of a plane, in a car, or on a train.

On Stage
Loopseque will help any musician and DJ improve their performance and make it even more interesting and impressive.




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