New features with Free NI BATTERY 3.1 Update

Native Instruments is pleased to announce that the BATTERY 3.1 update is now available for free download. The update contains several new features and workflow improvements, and some fixes. You can download the update via the NI Service Center or the Online Update Manager.

Main new and improved features:

  • Vintage Emulations: As of version 3.1, you can emulate the sound characteristic of the two vintage drum machines MPC60* and SP-1200*, with four different settings from ‘low’ to high’. You may apply individual settings to every single cell.
  • Improved MIDI Learn: BATTERY 3.1 features an improved MIDI Learn function for all automatable sliders and knobs – it is applied by simply clicking the right mouse button / ctrl-click, making assigning MIDI controllers a breeze.
  • Mac OS® X: 64bit support for Audio Unit and standalone version.
  • Multiprocessor support to deliver even better performance on modern Multiprocessor systems.
  • Loading Behavior: You can now set the desired loading behavior in BATTERY when double-clicking a loadable file in the Browser View Tab, to adjust it to your personal workflow.
  • Improved Samples Missing Dialog: The Samples Missing dialog now remembers your selection of the search folder for subsequent appearances. This is especially useful if numerous BATTERY Kits or a host project have been moved to a different folder, normally resulting in multiple Samples Missing dialogs. Now you only have to specify the new search folder once.

Mac® users please note: This version requires an Intel Mac® and Mac® OS X 10.5 (or later)!


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