Allen & Heath unveil the new GS-R24 recording mixer

The GSR-24 combines refined analogue quality with a choice of analogue or Firewire/ADAT interface modules and MIDI control for your chosen Digital Audio Workstation or recording device. Designed to sit at the heart of a busy project studio, GS-R24 has the flexibility and audio excellence to enhance the impact of your recordings, whatever your workflow. Two versions available: GSR-24 with non-motorised faders GSR-24M with motorised faders.

Designer’s Notes
“The original concept for the GSR-24 was for a larger version of the ZED-R16 with similar routing philosophy, high quality pre-amps and EQ. Interaction with recording musicians and engineers has resulted in many new features being added – a full width meterbridge for example, optional interface cards and more flexibility in workflow setup. The GSR-24 is the culmination of many things – exceptional analogue design, super-flexible usability, control and integration with digital workstations – and with an easily removed interface card it can be future-proofed against fast-moving technology, helping it to gain the status of a true modern classic.”: Mike Griffin :: Designer :: Allen & Heath


• 24 mic/line input pre-amps
• 24 channels of 4 band EQ with fully parametric mids
• Choice of analogue or Firewire / ADAT interface modules
• 2 dual stereo inputs with EQ
• 2 additional valve inputs
• 6 auxes
• 4 subgroups
• Main Stereo + Mono bus
• PFL, AFL + Solo in Place
• MIDI control
• 5.1 surround monitoring
• Integral meterbridge
• Separate linear power supply


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