James Zabiela shares his thoughts on DJM-2000 – Video

In this brief chat he lets rip about all things 2000, including the brand new DJM-2000 and the CDJ-2000s. Hear how he now organises his music and utilises the incredible functionality and connectivity of the DJM-2000. He explains how he can connect up to four CDJs into the DJM-2000 so that no additional hub is needed and also plug his laptop straight in via USB to use Ableton, not forgetting the touch screen to control midi functions. How the DJ landscape is changing as he explains how his whole DJ set just fits on his key chain. He only carries two 2GB SD cards! James was originally involved this time last year with the seminal Dawn of a New Species campaign that launched the CDJ-2000s, which you can watch here on DJsounds.


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