No more OtiumFX – Tone Projects it is!

After six years OtiumFX have changed their name name to Tone Projects. Furthermore they have released the long awaited updates for all their plug-ins. Both Sonitex STX-1260, Compadre Beatpuncher and the BassLane freebie have now reached version 1.5. Updates are free for all existing customers, and users will receive a mail with your download link.

Official statement by the guys from Tone Projects:
“After 6 years under the name of OtiumFX we have decided it’s time to make some changes. The OtiumFX name has had a good run and we’re quite proud of the good reputation it’s gotten with both underground and established producers.. especially given the fact that no-one really knew how to pronounce it (ourselves included).

So now we are happy to introduce our new brand and website that we will use for existing and upcoming products: Tone Projects. We think that’s a name that gives a good idea of what we’re about. Don’t worry, besides the name and website everything is pretty much the same. We will continue the very same philosophy that was behind OtiumFX and carry over our tradition for making finely tuned plugins that stand out from the crowd.

We hope you’ll welcome the change and enjoy pronouncing our name without looking confused. To celebrate we are releasing new versions of all our plug-ins:

Tone Projects Sonitex STX-1260
Tone Projects Compadre beatpuncher
Tone Projects BassLane

As always, all updates are free to existing users.”

Tone Projects

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