Rob Papen plugin updates available now

Rob Papen has just released two updates for the Predator synth and the RP-Verb FX plugin. Predator has been updated to version 1.6., where the RP-Verb plugin was updated to version 1.5. Together with these updates Rob has released the much anticipated RP-Delay FX plugin. The good news is that registered users of the RP-Verb plugin receive RP-Delay for free!

New in Predator 1.6: 

New in RP-VERB 1.5: 

  • More presets

  • Improved GUI in upper part section. (Preset and Bank selecting)

  • Bug solved with “bypass” button

  • With RP-VERB 1.5 you also receive RP-Delay! Check out RP-Delay here

To upgrade from RP-VERB 1.0 to RP-VERB 1.5  you will need to:

  1. Register RP-VERB 1.0 in the “My Products” page with the RP-VERB 1.0 authorization code, if you haven’t already.

  2. Click on “Upgrade”, an email with the new RP-VERB 1.5 serial will be sent to you, this serial also works with RP-Delay.

  3. Then download the appropriate version of RP-VERB 1.5 from the “Download Page”.

  4. When you next use RP-VERB in your host it will ask you to enter new RP-VERB 1.5 serial.

  5. Download the appropriate version of RP-Delay from “Download Page”

  6. When you first use RP-Delay in your host it will ask you to enter the serial, please enter the RP-Verb 1.5. serial


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