Hybrid Midi Turntablism – DN-S3700 Hybrid Mode

Denon’s new Hybrid MIDI mode adds impressive DVS (Digital Vinyl System) versatility to the DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable and the DN-S1200 Compact Media Player & Controller with today’s leading DJ applications. World’s First Hybrid MIDI mode generates the required CD/Vinyl control signal (timecode) from within the deck’s DSP allowing for super accurate tracking and spinning platter performance (S3700) without using the CD timecode. Other buttons and knobs can control essential features such as, File Browsing, Hot Cues, Looping… etc. over USB MIDI.

UK DMC Champion JFB tests out Denon DJ’s new Hybrid Midi Mode with Serato Scratch Live 2.1 and the Denon DN-S3700 CD decks without timecode media. Hybrid midi mode is a free firwmare download for the DN-S3700 & DN-S1200 players from the Denon DJ website. It supplies a constant clean timecode signal to Scratch Live in Hybrid Mode eliminating the need for timecode media.

Denon DJ

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