Keith McMillen SoftStep Tutorial – Video

Last week we posted the press release on the SoftStep from KMI. Below is a video in which KMI support tech Sarah Howe guides you on a quick tour of the technical aspects of the SoftStep.

Weighing in at just over a pound and fitting into most laptop and guitar cases, SoftStep has unparalleled flexibility compared to existing foot controllers. Ten sensor keys go beyond the simple on and off commands by supporting five degrees of motion such as up/down, left/right, inc/dec, pressure and rotary motions that can be preprogrammed to control effects, software, or multimedia.

SoftStep Software
The SoftStep application works with the SoftStep hardware controller to manipulate sensor data for finely tailored control. These modified control sources are mappable to any MIDI or OSC destination, giving the player unlimited potential for creative expression.


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