Midi and iPad – Latest developments with iOS 4.2

Since the launch of the iPad, the App Store has been flooded with music applications. This was the main reason to start our ongoing extensive article series on all the different genres of these music apps for the iPad (part one and two already published). Right from the start we got our own iPad and the music apps, there was already one issue we encountered. And that was the MIDI compatibility/connectivity of these music apps. Better said, … there wasn’t any! No matter if the app was cool or fun or plain awesome. The use of these apps in a studio environment was close to nothing.

However, with the release of version 4.2. of the iOS operating system things are getting much interesting. This updated OS has now full midi support! We can’t wait to see what the developers of these music apps are going to do with this added feature within the iOS, and how the updates will improve their music apps.

If you are more interested in this matter, Peter Kirn (CDM) has written a very good feature article on the matter of MIDI within the iOS 4.2.

Below is a video from the guys at MooCowMusic demonstrating the using the Pianist Pro app with the Apple Camera Connection Kit as a USB MIDI interface. Plug in a MIDI sound module and control it from your iPad. Alternatively plug in a MIDI keyboard and use Pianist Pro as a simple MIDI recording studio. This new feature will be added in the 1.8. version update of Pianist Pro.


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