New compressor plugin from whiteLABEL will SKWOSH you

SKWOSH, is a versatile compressor offering 4 main modes of hard and soft; compression and signal-boosting. Envelope following comes in a choice of peak or 2 RMS modes with optional peak-hold and simple or complex follow modes. 

The sidechain can be either internal (1&2) for regular stereo operation, or external; (3&4) for keyed operation. The sidechain filter offers high, low and band-pass with upto 4 poles for a maximum response or 24dB/octave. There is of course a monitoring switch to hear the filtering applied to the sidechain signal too. 

Various lookahead options are also on-board – a choice of set times with half, double and match modes relative to attack time. And to spice things up – SKWOSH sports 2 distortion algorithms for adding static or dynamic distortion depending on the level of input, and the gain reduction currently applied. To finish things off, the output (NY) mix control allows you to create the perfect balance between original and compressed signals, whilst the dual (input and output) flip switches make configuration a breeze.

All-in-all, SKWOSH is several dozen compressors in one, with all the usual gui refinements such as a graphic response display, central value readout, animated magnetic knobs with reset, random and goto functions … and big bright VU meters with peak-hold.

SKWOSH comes pre-loaded with 16 presets demonstrating the different modes available.

4 inputs, 4 outputs – VST 2.3 with automation parameters and midi control

The demo version has 11 controls instead of the full compliment of 25 available to registered users – its has the same 16 presets and operates over the full range of what the full version can do … just with a trimmed-down control set.

SKWOSH‘s full price is £25 – join the group-buy and get both SKWOSH and the 6 bolsteriser plugins just £10 … For more information, head on over to …


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