Synapse Audio releases new flagship synth DUNE

After a long development time, Synapse is proud to present DUNE, a new, cutting edge synthesizer designed for professional music producers. DUNE is a subtractive/virtual-analog type synthesizer which introduces new, innovative features never seen before in instruments of this type.

Some key features include:

* The differential unison engine (‘DUNE’), which takes subtractive synthesis to the next level by giving extensive modulation abilities

* A strong synthesis core housing alias-free oscillators and warm, analog sounding filters

* An innovative arpeggiator, with a new creative mode that facilitates composing new melodies

* Vast range of possible sounds, not only covering analog type sounds, but also FM, Wavetable synthesis and completely new realms

* A high-quality effect unit including Reverb, EQs, Delay, Phaser, Flanger and Chorus

* Two factory banks filled with quality patches, made by experienced sound designers

More information can be found on their website, where you can also download a free demo today.


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