Restore LPs and Tapes with Bias SoundSaver

BIAS today released SoundSaver — a new software solution for Mac and Windows computing platforms that greatly streamlines the process of converting and restoring LPs and tapes. SoundSaver is easy enough for beginners to use, while delivering professional results with minimal effort and little expense.

For many, the desire to convert old records and tapes is strong, but the patience for learning is limited. SoundSaver simplifies the process while delivering superior results at a price anyone can afford“, said Jason Davies, VP of Business Development for BIAS, Inc. “It’s actually less expensive and in many ways far more rewarding to transfer an existing analog collection, as opposed to re-purchasing the content in digital form — assuming it’s even available. Using SoundSaver is not only enjoyable, but also a real money saver, especially given its low price. And for those of us with old recordings, important lectures, or family memories captured on tape, it’s important to realize that the media is degrading — the faster it gets archived with SoundSaver, the better.

Intuitive user interface — SoundSaver makes recording LPs, tapes, and other sources super-easy with a complete step-by-step tab-based approach. Regardless of prior experience, anyone can use SoundSaver — without ever reading a manual — though electronic documentation is included along with a handy tutorial video at no additional charge.

Audio connection cable included in boxed “kit” edition — Unlike some software only solutions, the boxed “kit” edition of SoundSaver includes a free 6′ RoHS-compliant stereo mini to dual RCA cable — making it easy to connect a computer to most common devices such as turntables, stereo receivers, tape decks, and more. Additional adapters can be added easily for other connections, but most users will find the included cable is all they need.

Ideal for USB turntables and tape decks — While many USB turntables and tape decks include basic conversion software and/or general-purpose freeware audio editing applications, none offer the combined ease-of-use and high-quality cleaning results offered by SoundSaver. Not only does SoundSaver offer far better audio fidelity than other solutions, but being specifically designed for its intended use makes the audio archiving process far simpler and more enjoyable — meaning users are far more likely to achieve satisfying results.

Award-winning restoration and enhancement — SoundSaver’s high-quality audio restoration power is the direct result of years of painstaking development from the professional digital signal processing team that created SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro — professional level products from BIAS that utilize their patent-pending corrective linear-phase noise reduction (CLNR) algorithm. In addition to many accolades from professional users and a broad spectrum of publications, SoundSoap was honored by Mix magazine with a “Certified Hit” award at the Audio Engineering Society Convention and continues to rank highly as one the best audio cleaning software solutions available. SoundSaver relies on some of the very same proven technology from the SoundSoap product line, bringing a new level of restoration and enhancement power to the consumer market.

Automatic track defining, labeling, and easy export to iTunes — While SoundSaver offers manual track marking during and/or after recording, it also offers an intelligent “Auto-define Tracks” feature. Once a recording is made, tracks may be automatically defined with a single click in most instances and track markers can always be adjusted if needed. Track names, album titles, artist info, and more may be automatically applied simply by connecting to the internet and entering the album name — without needing to conform to exact track lengths required by some online database solutions. SoundSaver can then export the individual tracks as MP3, as uncompressed WAVE files, or directly to iTunes with a single click — making quick song transfers to an iPod, iPad, or iPhone easier than ever. For users of other portable media players, users can simply export their tracks and import them accordingly.

Free 14-day Trial & Tutorial Video — A free 14-day trial is available for download from the BIAS web site, along with a tutorial video for those wishing to get a nice overview of the product’s features, highlights, and remarkable usability.

Availability and pricing — SoundSaver is available now for purchase through authorized BIAS resellers worldwide and directly from BIAS at an introductory suggested retail price of $49.95 US (download edition without the RoHS-compliant audio cable also available). BIAS is also offering special limited time incentives for existing owners of USB turntables and tape decks manufactured by companies such as Alesis, Audio Technica, Crosley, Denon, DJ Tech, Gemini, GEM Sound, Grace Digital, ION, Numark, TEAC, Technics, and others.


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