Rob Papen BLUE 1.9 released

Rob Papen has released BLUE 1.9 which is a free upgrade. This means that you will need a new serial number, because it does not use “eLicenser/syncrosoft” anymore.

New inside BLUE:

Different tuning scales – Clicking on the BLUE logo brings up the back panel, where you can load in tuning files. They added a number of world tunings: Arabic / Burmese / Chinese / Indian / Persian / Thai / Turkish / Standard European. Users can add in there own personal tuning files, either by creating their own .tun files or using other .tun files.

BLUE 1.9 new factory presets – Two new banks are added 19_Effect_04 and 13_Diverse Dance 01. New cool effects and some new contemporary dance sounds.

BLUE 1.9 new presets by Dr. Tim Waters – Some brilliant sounds are uploaded to the “user presets” section.
By Dr. Tim Waters. Check out his facebook.

Below is a video showing Rob at work ‘cooking up’ some new presets for Blue.


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