Mixvibes U-MIX CONTROL PRO ft. Victor Aime – Video

Mixvibes product engineers, their Pro DJ team and the R&D software team worked together hand in hand to offer you a controller that simply matches its software. This symbiosis is characterized, for example, by the Hot Plug function. You will now be able to plug your controller on the fly, while your CROSS DJ is already running.

The U-MIX CONTROL PRO features a 2 Ins / 2 Outs Stereo integrated soundcard (48000 Hertz, 16bits) offering highfidelity sound quality and allowing you to enrich your set-up with either CD/ Vinyl decks or even an MP3 player. The control accuracy and scratch quality are ensured by 2 touch sensitive jog wheels, offering perfect and seamless

MixVibes also brings a real evolution in terms of DJ hardware ergonomics. Creative functions have been smartly redesigned in an intuitive and efficient way. You will now be able to configure all Loops functions: activation, length, loops shifting etc. are now customable thanks to one knob, while 6 audio effects are to be integrated very easily in your mix.



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