Richie Hawtin on 10 years of Digital DJing

Ean Golden had the opportunity to talk to Richie Hawtin at the NAMM this year. Interesting to know is that this month is the 10-year anniversary of the announcement of Final Scratch 1. Which is save to say the start of the ‘Digital Dj’ing’ movement.

As Ean says:

… we bumped into the prolific Mr. Hawtin, a digital DJ pioneer and the guy who originally paved a road for much of our work today. Ironically, January 2011 is the 10-year anniversary of the ground breaking announcement that really kicked off the digital DJ movement. Final Scratch 1, co-developed by John Aqcuaviva and Richie Hawtin. We took a few minutes to talk to Richie on camera, and he got into the above interesting conversation with Ean about the anniversary of DVS, what’s next for him and what’s next for the DJ world.



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