iPad Piano 2 Go from Ion almost here

PIANO 2 GO transforms your iPod or iPad into a full-blown music making machine; it’s like having your own personal studio! Practice, compose and perform music anywhere using this portable mini-keyboard with a built-in dock for iPod or iPad. Whether a novice or professional, PIANO 2 GO will have you creating and performing music for all your family, friends and fans to enjoy.

PIANO 2 GO has a two octave mini-keyboard, which puts more notes at your finger-tips in an extremely portable and fun design. The keyboard is also velocity-sensitive, so you can play with complete dynamics – the harder you play, the louder the sound.

Included as a free download from the iTunes App Store is the PIANO 2 GO app, which is specifically made to work with the PIANO 2 GO keyboard. Simply slide in your iPod or iPad, open the app and you’ll be writing memorable melodies within minutes. Choose between four different instruments (piano, strings, synth or guitar) to perform with using the physical keyboard. You can even write complete songs using all four sounds together in addition to recording vocals using the built-in iPod or iPad microphone. The software also has 100 drumbeats of all styles to provide a solid foundation as you practice or perform.

With PIANO 2 GO, virtually anyone can easily practice, perform and write music!


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