Sanctuary Recording Studio installs Solid State Logic X-Desk

Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles, is pleased to announce that The Sanctuary Recording Studio has recently installed a Solid State Logic X-Desk in their London-based facility.

Although only in partnership since 2006, David McEwan and Eric Appapoulay have already racked up a string of successes – most notably co-producing many of the tracks on Plan B’s award-winning album The Defamation of Strickland Banks, and are soon set to start work on its follow up. David and Eric are also regular collaborators with Nitin Sawhney, and helped mix the soundtrack to the BBC’s Human Planet series.

David McEwan: “One look at X-Desk and straight away it looked like the answer to all the problems we’d been having.

Predominantly working out of The Sanctuary Recording Studio, a well-stocked production facility a mere stone’s throw from the iconic Battersea Power Station, David explains why he recently augmented their extensive collection of recording equipment with X-Desk.

We spend a lot of time ‘in-the-box’ just staring at a screen, so when I saw SSL’s X-Desk I thought, ‘that’s it!’. I took one look at X-Desk and straight away it looked like the answer to all the problems we’d been having. Sure, we have a great tracking desk but I really needed something in front of me, right there in the centre position… a solution that wasn’t enormous, that I could bring up multiple outputs, do talkback, effect sends, stereo cue sends. And that’s where X-Desk fits in to The Sanctuary Recording Studio. It’s now installed right there in front of me.”

What I like about X-Desk is the really clean sound. Now I can bring all my outboard straight into the mix insert path, which is really what I need to have. Plus for tracking I can bring the mic pres that I already own in to play. So X-Desk offers me a very clean signal path and a way of getting my external pres on a fader and into monitors or headphones. It’s also a great way of summing and it does the job really, really well. And, of course, the fact that it’s an SSL made me think that I can really trust what I’m going to get here.

On the production front, having X-Desk has really sped things up. It’s cleaned up the headphone mixes and the cue side of things. Also the footprint of it – it’s really ergonomic and it has slotted nicely into the centre position of our workspace. X-Desk has really helped our workflow in that we just assign our most-used channels, be it kick, snare, vocals and so on, and insert our output comps and EQs from there. It’s really nice just to have it right there in front of you.”


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