Dubset – DJ alternative for Soundcloud?

In the past few months Soundcloud has been looking closer to DJ Sets and Mixtapes loaded onto their website. Result was that many DJ sets were removed due to copyright infringements. In some way understandable but on a other level just a shame. How are DJs then suppose to share their sets with their fans? Today we came across a new website that might be an alternative for DJs. Dubset! At first sight it all looks pretty neat and clean. However there is one downfall and that’s the mixes can’t be embedded on your personal website. And that’s the big PLUS that Soundcloud has! Dubset is still in BETA phase so maybe this feature could be added in the future.

History of the Mixtape
Since the birth of the tape recorder we have been creating music mixes. It’s human nature, in our DNA, to collect and curate the stuff we like. In this case, music. Some do it better than others. Problem is, there has never been a way to see, monitor, report, and give back to the artists who we’ve taken from and it’s been going on for the last 30 years! In order to create a mix using other artists’ work and benefit from it, you must have permission from the copyright holder. The process is painful and time consuming, if not near impossible. Until now.

How They Do It
With the advent of new technologies, streaming music in the cloud, and guidelines set in place on how to legally play mixes online, we’ve figured out a way. MixScan was created to fingerprint and automate the reporting process on all mixes uploaded to DUBSET.com so that we can fairly compensate copyright holders, promote, and display music found within mixes from DJs and artists and give music fans a safe, legal, and super simple way to listen to their favorite music.

DUBSET is all about aligning incentives between DJs, recording artists and music fans. They use MixScan to fingerprint mixes uploaded to DUBSET.com—enabling us to accurately monitor music found within mixes, compensate artists and copyright holders for use of their content, and make individual tracks available for download. DJs create and post mixes, Dubstep promote and offer opportunities, fans have a safe and easy-to-use platform, and artists get paid. All on the first ever legally compliant internet radio platform to feature music curated by the DJs.



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