Introducing Focusrite RedNet 5 – Pro Tools HD Bridge

RedNet 5 is the latest addition to the RedNet family of networked audio interfaces from Focusrite. Connecting to your Pro Tools HD system via DigiLink, RedNet 5 allows you to use the low-latency performance of your Pro Tools HD cards alongside RedNet’s audio interfaces to configure a powerful and flexible recording and mixing system, while maintaining your traditional workflow. RedNet boasts excellent sound quality with a dynamic range of 120dB throughout the system. Coupled with its scalable architecture — which communicates using super-fast, rock-solid Gigabit Ethernet technology — it enables studio users to add the full benefits of RedNet to their Pro Tools HD system.

RedNet 5 connects directly to Pro Tools HD cards via conventional DigiLink cables and supports up to 32 channels of simultaneous inputs and outputs. To achieve even higher channel counts, multiple RedNet 5s can be connected to additional Pro Tools HD cards. You can assign any available audio source or destination on the RedNet network to RedNet 5 with the drag-and-drop RedNet software control panel, and channel assignments appear in Pro Tools exactly as they would with any other HD-compatible audio interface. What’s more, you retain access to all your TDM plug-ins and saved sessions while at the same time enjoying the superb quality of RedNet’s audio interfaces and the ability to build the most sophisticated of audio production systems around a single, standard Gigabit Ethernet network.

– Maintain Your Pro Tools Workflow
Upgrade to the superior sound of RedNet interfaces — with system-wide dynamic range of 120dB and Focusrite’s exacting audio-design principles — while remaining fully compatible with your TDM-based plug-ins, projects and workflow.

– High Channel Count
Route up to 32 input and 32 output channels between your RedNet network and Pro Tools HD system per Pro Tools card (16 inputs and 16 outputs at 192kHz). Multiple RedNet 5s can be used in combination with additional Pro Tools cards to configure systems with higher channel counts.

– Trouble-free Integration With New & Existing Systems
RedNet 5 uses the same DigiLink connectors as found on Pro Tools HD cards and communicates with other RedNet devices using a simple, standard Gigabit Ethernet network.

– Drag & Drop Software Interface For Channel Assignment
Maintain your existing Pro Tools HD workflow with simple, logical assignment of RedNet I/O to Pro Tools inputs and outputs in an attractive software GUI.

The RedNet system will be available worldwide from Q4 2011. RedNet 5 is expected to be available in early 2012 (pricing TBC). To discover more about RedNet, head to, where you can sign up to receive regular RedNet updates.


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