HGFortune Ultra Swamp synthesizer VSTi released

HGFortune‘s famous and by some deeply beloved swamp thing has risen to new dimensions! – Ultra Swamp is completely reworked version of Swamp so there are a quite a few differences to the prior versions and a hugely increased sonic potential! It’s really for the good, the bad and the weird sounds thus ranging from sweet over dark to really strange stuff; transforming the wave samples beyond recognition.

This is a swamp where you throw something in but get something more useful out again 😉 and it’s not just for pads and atmos but also for snappy percussive and sequencer sounds.

Although it does look not a very complex synthesizer – don’t let yourself get fooled by this as the sonic results will proove different. This is a very versatile synthesizer but is fairly easy to edit. The patch programmers had so much fun with it they did 3 additional complete banks of incredible patches!

Main features (based on Pro version):

  • 2 x PCM wave oscillators with 256 waves in 2 banks as primary soundsources
  • 1 x Ringmodulator per voice as 1st secondary soundsource
  • 1 x Timbremodulator per voice as 2nd secondary soundsource
  • 1 x Filter – 3 types (LoPass, HiPass, BandPass) ADSR EG with Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes
  • 1 x 4 channel adaptive mixer for cutoff modulation
  • 1 x VCA EG (ADSR) Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes
  • 1 x Pan
  • 3 x LFO
  • 1 x S&H
  • 1 x DLFO (Double LFO with two outputs and phaseshifting)
  • 1 x special Pitch LFO with Speed Up/Down options
  • 1 x ADSR EG as modsource for RM / TM
  • 1 x Gator not only on Level but optional for Filter and delay Pan too
  • 1 x Delay with several options for panning delayed signal
  • 1 x Stereo Flanger
  • 1 x Stereo Reverb
  • 1 x Bass Enhance
  • 1 x XY-Joypad with 6 controls for 12 destinations and optional display for LFO & Aftertouch motion
  • 3 x Lazy Buttons
  • 12 voices, 512 patches
  • Ultra Swamp Pro is available at an introductionary offer with 36% off for 24,50Euro/34U$ only until June, 6th 2011. Regular price after that will be for 39 Euro. You may buy the Pro version in the shop VST/i Shop when available. Download a free version from Download Page.


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