Musicrow Ebola Reaktor Ensemble released

Ebola is a powerful semi-modular virtual analog synthesizer with a flexible architecture, that enables you to create a wide variety of sounds with the distinct Ebola flavor! From heavily distorted leads to Hollywood style strings, sweet keys to strange and beautiful gargling sounds – Ebola can do it all!

Main Features:
– A library more than 300 high quality sounds, divided into 7 sound banks
– Two multimode oscillators with Ring modulation, Sync, and Frequency modulation.
– Classic mode that enables you to shape your oscillator waveform by morphing between many different waveforms
– Ultrasaw mode that uses up to 9 detuned saw-tooth waves, for the creation of extremely thick leads and pads
– Wavetable synthesis mode helps you achieving evolving and interesting pad sounds, organs and keyboards
– Sub-oscillator with ultrasaw mode
– Noise generator with color shaping option
– Two multimode resonant filters that can be connected in parallel or serial
– Three envelopes that can modulate almost any parameter of the synthesizer
– Advanced distortion section for wave-shaping: Analog saturation, Hard Clipping, Bit Crusher and more.
– Two advanced LFO’s
– Extended effects section that contains 9 high quality effects: Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, distortion, EQ, ring modulation and others
– Modulation matrix with countless modulation paths
– Envelope follower that enables you to use external audio to manipulate almost any parameter of the synthesizer



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