energyXT for iOS

energyXT for iOS does both audio recording and drums/synths (like a mini audio/midi sequencer) all in one single view. You can arrange your recordings in verse, chorus, intro etc to build up a song in seconds. When you have recorded something you like, export it to your dropbox account in a single click, either as mixdown or as one audio-file-per-track for import in to your DAW for further processing or collaboration with your bandmates.


  • Samples provided by Loopmasters
  • Three main views for arranging, recording and editing
  • Unlimited tracks. 4 types: Drum, Synth/sampler, Chord and Audio (voice/guitar)
  • Live playback and recording with multi-touch
  • Send your mixdown or multi-track project to dropbox with one click, and then import in to your DAW
  • Pattern based arrangement (intro, verse, chorus etc)
  • Multi-track audio recording with “multi-take” option
  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Drum sampler with filter
  • Synth/sampler with vol, pan, envelope, filter, chorus and delay
  • Playback and record chords with ‘drum pads’

Video 2: Chard s made easy

energyXT for iOS


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