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BEAT to MIDI is a fast acting, low overhead Beat Detection and Drum Replacement tool which producers and musicians can implement to extract MIDI data from Drum loops. BEAT to MIDI allows for the correction of poorly captured or performed drum recordings after the recording session has taken place. BEAT to MIDI uses sophisticated algorithms to identify each drum hit (or transient) in the time domain. Once this point is detected, MIDI data can be used to trigger replacement drum samples to alleviate poor quality recordings and/or timing errors.

BEAT to MIDI offers the following features:

• Detection of drum strikes and output of detections to a (defined) single MIDI note

• Supervised Pattern Matching system to identify drum instruments

• Detection of drum strikes and drum instruments with output of detections to appropriate (General MIDI defined) MIDI notes

• Automatic ratio settings to allow easy settings of thresholds

What is Beat Detection?

Beat Detection is the term used to describe the use of a computer program to identify when individual drum instruments are played during a performance.

BEAT to MIDI – Further Details

BEAT to MIDI is a PC Only VST 2.4 Plug-in and must be used in a compatible VST Host.

BEAT to MIDI has been tested within Cubase 5/6 under Windows 7 but Forge Audio Designs cannot ensure full compatibility with other hosts and Operating Systems at this time.

BEAT to MIDI is offered as a freeware tool for use in private and commercial settings.

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