Pioneer DJM-2000 Firmware Update Available

Pioneer have released a firmware update for the DJM-2000 which will add new features and improve performance. The DJM-2000 is the mixer of choice of many top DJs and is used in number of famous clubs around the world for its excellent sound quality, operability and unique features.

Improved Beat Effect *1 accuracy with the addition of the Quantize function
The Quantize function*2 has been added which automatically corrects beat effect to play on-beat using the beat position information as analyzed in rekordboxTM music management software. You can obtain beat position information and BPM information for songs from any Pro DJ Link compatible Pioneer DJ player*3 by connecting the player to your DJM-2000 via LAN cable. Then, even if you miss the input timing for an effect while you are DJing, the effect will be adjusted automatically to the analyzed beat position, allowing you to apply effects on-beat with 100% accuracy.
Updated reverb function for dynamic song arrangement
The Reverb Beat Effect has been updated. In addition to the length of the reverb effect, you can now adjust the openness of the simulated space at the same time. This increases the strength of the effect and allows you to dynamically arrange songs as you mix them during your DJ performance.
Broadened Noise adjustment range to increase the volume of noise that you can mix into your songs
Pioneer broadened the adjustment range for the Noise Inst FX*4 to increase the maximum output volume for this effect. This allows you to add sufficient NOISE even to songs that are at a high volume. Maximum volume of the oscillator” and sample in Sidechain Remix ?5 has also been increased as well.
Updated filter function for quick effect performance
Pioneer has changed the filter beat effect, so that when you turn the level knob for the effect all the way to the left, the Filter function turns off and only the source audio is output. This allows you to turn the filter effect on and off smoothly for quick and easy effect performance.
*1 An effect that is applied in time with the beat (BPM) of the song.
*2 Only for songs analyzed by rekordboxTM.
*3 For CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 with the firmware ver. 4.00 or higher installed.
*4 An effect applied manually to each channel output sound, unlike a beat effect.
*5 Side chain remix s an effect created using the multi-touch panel, with the selected channel sound input as a trigger,
* rekordboxTM is a registered trademark of Pioneer Corporation.

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