Elysia alpha TDM Out Now

This one took Elysia longer than they thought… Anyway, the TDM version of the alpha compressor plugin is now available as a free upgrade to your existing license. Just download the new installer and you’ll be ready to go. Elysia would sincerely like to thank everybody for the great amount of patience you had with them.

The alpha compressor plugin is the software reincarnation of their famous mastering compressor. It gives you a painstaking emulation of the sound and features the hardware is known and popular for – programmed by the code experts from Brainworx.

But not only the final stage of mastering will profit big time from this ultimate dynamics processor. In fact, the compression section alone is such a useful tool that we have decided to include a dedicated mixing version with a reduced interface. You might want to use this on every single track of your DAW…



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