Reason 6 Pulveriser Demolition Action – Video

The Pulveriser plugin is one of the three new effect devices within Reason 6, next to the Alligator en the Echo. In this micro tutorial Propellerhead take a look at the Pulveriser. Pulveriser is a sound demolition unit capable of destroying your signal but before you turn those knobs up to eleven, I wanted to show you that Pulveriser also excels at being an audio sweetener. In today’s world of pristine digital recording, meticulously sampled instruments, and quantized MIDI it’s sometimes necessary to add a little color and grit to your otherwise perfect material.

Pulveriser can do that for you. So before you blow up your sound with Pulveriser, take a look at some of the other ways it can make your tracks sound more analog, more beefy, more gritty… more Pulverised!



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