Celemony releases Version 1.3 of Melodyne editor, assistant and essential

Celemony releases Version 1.3 of Melodyne editor, assistant and essential. The update contains bug fixes and small improvements and can be accessed using Melodyne’s update function.

With Version 1.3, Melodyne is more reliable and efficient to work with than ever. Continuous lines representing the selected time grid provide for greater clarity in the editing pane of Version 1.3, thereby making modifying the timing of notes easier. A double click now quantizes notes to the time grid selected by the user, making it possible to shape the rhythm of the material more swiftly and accurately. In the stand-alone version of Melodyne, a new option is now available that saves a copy of the audio files involved when you are saving MPD files. This simplifies the handling of projects. Version 1.3 is also compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and the corresponding Lion versions of leading DAWs.

You will find the full release notes and an overview of the DAW versions supported on the Celemony website. Melodyne users can download Version 1.3 free-of-charge via the “Check for Updates” function in Melodyne’s Preferences dialog.

Further Information: www.celemony.com

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