Nektar Panorama – Dedicated Reason 6 Controller

As Reason 6 has been released this week so is US company Nektar started introducing a dedicated MIDI keyboard controller called Panorama for this DAW software. At the Nektar website information on the Panorama will unveiled over the coming days (weeks).

Nektars product description:

“Panorama is our vision of how a great controller should work. Yes, there are many ‘generic’ controllers on the market already but we have yet to find one that satisfies our criteria of operating the software, as if it’s hardware – That’s Panorama. 

Panorama uses a communication protocol that has been custom designed for Reason 6, putting control – every control – at your fingertips. There’s nothing generic about this controller. Panorama really does access all areas.

Here you get the chance to read early information. We’ll reveal more and more snippets of Panorama up until release.”



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