PowerFX DJ Samplr iPhone App

Power up your DJ set with DJ Samplr, the iPhone app that includes over 300 sounds in a simple “drum pad style” interface with pad tap and hold pitch bend and panning. You can also record, edit and assign your own samples or import sounds via iTunes.

Great to use in a live DJ setting or playing around at home, just plug you iPhone into your mixer and jam along with DJ Samplr by dropping in some great sounds or mangling them up with the touch of your finger. Futuristic scratching!

PowerFX, sound developers who are responsible for many of the loops and sounds found in Apple’s GarageBand, Logic and the Jam Pack series, have packed this with an incredible array of useful sounds like whooshes, wubs, hall kicks, dub hits, chord pads, noise pads, vocal FX, sound effects, scratches, world vocals, old school rap, zaps and much more!

Sound Selections: 329 preloaded sounds, wav files, 16 bit 44.1
Chords & Pads: 16
Dub Hits: 16
Electro FX: 16
Hall Kicks: 14 (reverberated kick drums)
Hip Hop Kit: 14 (808 style kit)
Instrument Hits: 16 (includes jazz, country, rock riffs)
Looped Effects 1 & 2: 32 (sound name includes bpm)
Noize Pads: 15
Old School Rap: 16 short phrases
Sound Effects: 16
Scratch & Tape: 16
Sex & Guns: 16
Spoken Word: 16
Tech Hits: 15
Vocal FX: 15
Vocals: 16
World Vocals: 16
Wubs: 16
Zap & Whooshes: 16
User Sounds: unlimited

Sample Editing features
Fade In
Fade Out
Loop on/off
Adjustable pitch on/off
Adjustable pan on/off
Assign User Sounds

Finger press manipulate for Pitch Bend and Panning
Sample Hold and manipulate





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